Who We Are:

Collaborative Organization Creating Affordable Housing Options
Community Housing Services (CHS) is a not-for-profit corporation established as the result of the 2003 Rock Island Housing Authority (RIHA) Asset Management Plan. CHS is structured to be self-sustaining and entrepreneurial and has the capacity to develop for-sale and rental properties and act as a vehicle that can incur debt and purchase and dispose of property. Funds generated by CHS are invested to develop additional affordable rental and homeownership housing opportunities within the Rock Island community. CHS works with and supports Rock Island Housing Authority (RIHA) in its mission to meet the housing needs of current and future residents within the City and the communities that it serves.

Who We Serve:

The Diverse Population of Rock Island & Surrounding Quad Cities
CHS has carved out a clear focus of underserved markets that include seniors on a fixed-income, persons with disabilities, victims of domestic violence, military veterans, and low-income wage workers and families - and in more recent years, refugees from more than 30-countries from around the world. The result is the creation of safe, viable and vibrant neighborhoods; neighborhoods of choice that ultimately improve our sense of place and our sense of pride. By offering a full spectrum of housing options CHS is adding new investment to Rock Island communities while restoring hope and equal opportunities for all residents while enhancing and supporting the rich diversity of the area.


CHS is committed to pursuing new and creative ways to meet the changing housing needs of the diverse populations that it serves.


CHS meets the needs of the families and individuals it serves by providing them with more housing choices and more control over where they live. CHS promotes neighborhood revitalization through the development of affordable housing and is committed to improving the quality of life of the people living there by actively supporting their transition to economic independence and housing self-sufficiency.

Strategic Goals

  • Achieve and Maintain Operational Excellence
  • Ensure Long-Term Financial Viability
  • Implement the Asset Management Plan
  • Maintain a Positive Public Image

Guiding Principles

  • Meet the housing needs of a broad-base market
  • Provide families and individuals with more housing choices and more control over where they live
  • Expand the housing market by developing and supporting new housing options
  • Promote neighborhood revitalization through the development of quality housing
  • Support the transition of families and individuals to housing self-sufficiency and homeownership

What We Believe

Neighborhood revitalization initiatives create an infrastructure for families that encourage housing success and supports economic development. An adequate supply of high-quality affordable housing has a positive effect on business investment and growth within the City and surrounding Quad Cities region. By developing new neighborhoods based on transition and hope, CHS is taking an active role in impacting the quality of life for the entire region. Neighborhood revitalization is based upon the notion that cities can – and should – be renewed for the sake of their residents. It eliminates obsolete housing and blight, increases the tax base, creates housing options and opportunities for a broad base market, and helps to reduce poverty and dependence on welfare. Neighborhood revitalization is more than building housing – it’s about rebuilding communities and the lives of the people living there.

Awards & Recognition

Nationally Recognized

Lynden Lane

Lynden Lane

Lynden Lane is Nationally Recognized as Innovative Affordable Housing

CHS and the Rock Island Housing Authority (RIHA) received a National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) Award of Merit for Program Innovation under the Affordable Housing category for the development of Lynden Lane.

The Program Innovation Category for Affordable Housing includes special programs for homeownership, public/private partnerships, and innovative financing. Lynden Lane is a new neighborhood that replaced an obsolete public housing complex in 2015. The official presentation of the award took place on July 15 during NAHRO’s Summer Conference in Portland Oregon.

The NAHRO Merit Award Program was created to give national recognition to agencies that are finding innovative ways of making a positive difference within their communities and in the lives of the people who live there.

NAHRO is a professional membership organization that is comprised of approximately 20,000 housing and community development agencies and officials throughout the United States. NAHRO members, including CHS and RIHA, administer a variety of affordable housing and community development programs at the local level.

The NAHRO Awards of Merit recognizes outstanding achievement in housing and community development programs in a total of five separate categories including:

  1. Program Innovation: Resident and Client Services
  2. Program Innovation: Community Revitalization
  3. Program Innovation: Affordable Housing
  4. Administrative
  5. Project Design

While this is the first NAHRO Award received by CHS, RIHA has received 47 NAHRO Merit Awards since 2005.

Illinois Affordable Housing Award

Douglas Park Place

Douglas Park Place

Douglas Park Place Receives First Annual Wyvetter H. Younge Award
Douglas Park Place won the 2010 Wyvetter H. Younge Award in recognition of an excellent and innovative development initiative in a Metropolitan Area outside of Metropolitan Chicago. The Award was part of the first annual Illinois Affordable Housing Awards Program to spotlight outstanding and replicable affordable housing developments, programs and initiatives that support the objectives of the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) Annual Comprehensive Housing Plans.